Wednesday Wonders – The Finding My New Feet Edition

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September 23, 2015 by Liza Lou

satr for wed wonders

So this week saw me moving where my blog was hosted and also finding myself loving the fact that I am back in swing and writing again. Let it be known, I love doing what I do! Anyhow, here’s some of webby stuff I have been also been loving…

I’m going to start with THIS absolutely spanking review of 1948 movie ‘They Live By The Night’ by Jordan over at Canadian Cinephile. I’ve never seen it, in fact if I am honest I’ve seen very few films pre 1960’s but this write up made me want to and it’s now on my list.

After binge watching the American version of The Office, I am firmly in love with Steve Carell. If you are too you can head over to MOVIEPHONE to check out (and rate) the characters he has played on-screen. My personal favourite? Barry in Dinner For Schmucks.

Ever see an idea and wish you had thought of it? That’s how I felt when I came across the genius ‘Watch This Space’ feature at Jump Cut UK. What they do every week is give a round-up of films to watch, not only at the cinema but also on UK TV. They also throw in recommendations of some beauties to dig out of your DVD collection.

For a bit of fun and a few ‘light bulb’ moments give THIS article a read. It’s a list and a great one at that. It lists 13 films that have predicted other ones within them. I love looking for connections within the movie world so this is bang on!

Another article/list I enjoyed reading this week was THIS ONE over at NME entitled ’31 Rockstar Film and TV Cameos’. There’s a lot of TV stuff in there but most of the film ones I had definitely missed. It was a fun read.

More fun facts and a twitter account next in the form of Mr. Movie Trivia. Mr. Movie Trivia does exactly as the name suggests and posts tit bits of movie trivia daily, along with memorable quotes and other goodies. It’s a cool way to get a fix of movie info.

And last but no means least is this thoughtful review of oldie but goody Billy Elliot over at, one of my favourite new finds, CULTJER. I love reading reviews of films that are of special significance to me and Cultjer does a great job of adding throwback reviews to films other people have forgotten. Check them out!

So that’s it for this week but I will be back at the same time next week with more. Have you found something on the web that I simply must see? Why not send me a link?

Much love

L x


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