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November 20, 2015 by Liza Lou


Do you ever see an advertisement for something and then suddenly act like a child because what you see, you can’t have? Well, I got like that recently when the Underground Film Club came into my radar.

This unique experience is in London (which is why I can’t have it btw), in fact it is situated directly below Waterloo station in the vaults. Here’s what the website says about the location..

‘The Vaults is the historical underworld turned contemporary arts space, offering an atmospheric labyrinth of Victorian brickwork chambers to lose yourself in for the ultimate escapist film event.’

Sounds fab from the start right?

Not only are customers offered beautiful surroundings but the underground film club promise screenings of  an eclectic mix of classic, cult and recent film releases. I’ve had a quick look at the films on offer and there’s everything there from Forrest Gump to The National Theatre’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, live no less. The Vault also has fancy street food and cocktails available before and  throughout each film so it’s an all round experience.

Now for the bad news.. The Underground Film Club is only running  from 11th November – 20th December 2015 and although the next week or so is all booked up, there are loads of other screenings to choose from. You do have to book and you can do that HERE. Tickets only cost £15 and there are also special membership deals.

So there you have it. Looks great huh? If anyone gets along, please let me know how it was. Oh how I wish I didn’t live so far away.. I’d definatley go see SpiceWorld!!!

More details can be found HERE



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