Cinema Review – The Perfect Guy (2015)

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November 22, 2015 by Liza Lou


I’m sure we’ve all been there. Hit a time in a relationship where one or the other person is moving at a different pace and the sudden realisation that you both want different things strikes.

That’s where this film starts, with Sanaa Lathan‘s (Blade) character Leah breaking up with her boyfriend because she wants marriage and kids and he can’t commit. It’s a simple story, but this is film land and like so many  plots that have gone before she just happens to bump into the perfect man for her with so much ease.

If something is too good to be true. It usually is right?

Carter, played by Michael Ealy (Seven Pounds), is as cool as a cucumber. He does the right things and says the right things. He wins over Leah, her family and her friends but it doesn’t stay like that for long and to be fair things escalate quite quickly.

Here is problem one with this film. I struggled so much with the timescale of events. I may have been feeling particularly slow last night but everything seemed rather jumbled. It wasn’t even that the pace was fast, in fact it kind of lagged in parts, which didn’t help with the confusion. By the time Leah had left Carter and was back seeing her ex, played by marvelous Morris Chestnut, nothing had really happened but it felt like everything had.


On a positive note the acting is solid enough. Both Ealy and Chestnut portray the respective personas to a believable level. Ealy isn’t perhaps as menacing as he should be given his role but it isn’t that bad. I love Chestnut and actually find him hilarious, so seeing in him another serious role was refreshing and I wasn’t disappointed. As for Lathan, she had me feeling for her character but that could just be that I am a woman and the situation she found herself in is pretty scary to me. There’s no awards here for stand out performances but the acting wasn’t a problem within the film either.

The main issue with The Perfect Guy is that it offers nothing new at all. It is a bog standing jilted lover turns psycho film that plays out with a predictable conclusion.  We all know I love a good Thriller but this is bland and left me bored. There’s  elements of my beloved genre throughout but they are cliched and lukewarm. I craved for a twist that never came and I am glad really because I don’t even think that could of redeemed it.

Nice try but not for me.







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