Short Film Sunday #1

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November 22, 2015 by Liza Lou


I don’t know very much about the world of short films other than there are short so my aim is to learn more. Can I get the same enjoyment that I do out of a full length feature and does one genre work better than another when stripped down to only minutes of screen time?!

I thought I would start this journey with a TV program which is essentially a reality talent competition for short film makers in the horror genre. It has been running through BBC3 for several weeks now and is on to its 7th episode.

Presented by comedian Matthew Giffen the program basically takes place in a camera rigged cinema where members of the public are shown a selection of horror shorts. Each is presented with the makers details and each is 4 minutes or less in length. The audience watch them and then must vote which is there favourite based on scare factor alone.

It is quite a cool concept and even better as the TV viewer gets to watch each of the shorts too. I have watched every episode and let me tell you that 4 minutes is more than enough time to be freaked out by a film. I may go into more detail over the next few weeks on some of my favourites shown in the series but for now, if you should head over to BBC IPLAYER where it is all still available to watch for free.


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