Film Review – The Perfect Husband (2014)

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November 24, 2015 by Liza Lou


A few days ago we had The Perfect Guy and now we have The Perfect Husband which is just the way the cookie crumbles in my little film filled world. Seriously though, this was sent to me and after a quick look into it  I thought if it’s good enough for European film festivals it’s good enough for me. Those festival include Fantafestival where this Italian horror/thriller made its debut at the beginning of last year. Luckily for me it is in English so I settled down to see what it was all about.

It’s starts as most thrillers seem to nowadays with tempered music playing over slow opening titles. It’s always a classical score as well. I sometimes wish people would mix things up a bit. What’s wrong with a bit of Taylor Swift? I joke of course but you get my drift.

Anyhoo, Viola (Gabriella Wright) and Nicola (Bret Roberts) are married but things seem strained between them. The first scene shows us that they have secrets as he is hiding pills and she is hiding cigarettes but they are packing, and off they go for a weekend away.. to, you’ve guessed it, a remote location.

And actually that’s where my cynical tone ends.

The Perfect Husband isn’t half bad. I say that because I felt like I was watching two films that somehow met in the middle.

The first part started with suspense tactics like I would of expected but unfortunately the ones I don’t really like. Everything started to slow down, the music would build to a crescendo and then there would be a false start.. a cheap jump. This happened at least five times in the first twenty minutes or so and became old quickly.

With this aside though and suspense forgotten the first half of the film read as a nice piece of drama. Two people with obvious secrets and problems both with themselves and their marriage trying to work through the pains and strife. It was touching in parts and a little weird in others but I kind of like that and I grew to both like and feel for Viola. It wasn’t the most demanding role in the world but Wright is good and my is she beautiful! Roberts is also beautiful and quite menacing as the film progresses. I would of liked to see more emotion but this isn’t Shakespeare.

And then with the blink of an eye we had torture horror. Okay, it was mild but it was so abrupt that even I wasn’t expecting it and remember I WAS expecting horror. This changed then into a game of cat and mouse that, by this point, was expected and with it the film pace increased.  There was a large part of this second half where I thought ‘gold old slasher film’ and this is both down to the action and blatant shots torn from that genre. I’m not complaining mind, although it wasn’t particularly gruesome.

The film is short and the ending comes quickly but not before a twist that I wasn’t expecting but have seen before. It does tie up all of those weird bits from the first half though and brings the two parts together as one piece. I have personal feelings on the conclusion but that’s a generalised thought that I can’t share without giving the end away. Let’s just say I think it’s a bit of a cop out used so easily in cinema but it works I guess and doesn’t spoil my enjoyment.

You won’t kick yourself if you don’t see this film because it isn’t perfect (see what I did there) but for what it is, it’s worth a view surely.









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