Wednesday Wonders – The ‘Because We Want To’ Edition

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November 25, 2015 by Liza Lou

satr for wed wonders

This week has been a load of ups and downs as for the most part I have been feeling quite sick. This has meant the time to catch up on a lot of film watching though which can’t ever be a bad thing. I also read a hell of a lot of articles so this weeks wonders are as follows –

Firstly I had a giggle at THIS which is basically a run down of all the injuries caused by Kevin in family fave Home Alone. These are then diagnosed by a professional and the result is both interesting and a little shocking. Hell knows why I was giggling at it then but maybe that’s just me.

This rather small article had me wishing there was more to read because I found the points raised really interesting. I’m under no illusion that stigma is all over the film industry but I’m always open to hearing someone elses point of view on the issues. This particular issue is gay actors not getting the chance to play straight roles. Should actors be stereotyped? What do you think?

Speaking of stereotypes Disney released a new trailer for Zootopia that is due to hit screens next year. Through fear of being lynched I must say I found it boring, unoriginal and predictable.. Sloths are slow, we get it Disney. Let’s not pull out the joke for a whole 2 and half mins eh? All the film needs now is a sly fox and a weasel crook – Oh it’s got them? YAWN!


And finally something brighter to end on. Something really bloody helpful in fact. One man has taken it on himself to review and list all the stuff you should be watching on Netflix so now you can check his site out without relying on six words to help you decide if you want to waste a couple of hours of your life. You can find it HERE and it’s fab!




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