Wednesday Wonders – The Films I Should Of Blogged About Edition


February 24, 2016 by Liza Lou

satr for wed wonders

After another illness induced hiatus I finally managed to drag myself back to where I feel the most comfy -here (YEY!). So many cinema releases have happened in that time and I have seen so many films, there’s actually been some pretty interesting ones too. Because I haven’t been able to throw down my thoughts on the last few months of releases I have been doing what I always do, checking out other people’s reviews and opinions.

Here are some of my faves…

I’m going to start with Creed which I did manage to catch and thought was pretty good in all honesty. This review over at The Film Experience is so concise that it puts me to shame. Some valid points are made about Stallone that I also pondered over when watching and some really cool crossover facts are pointed out.. great read.

Next is Pan which I also got to see because my nieces literally dragged me out of the house on a really bad day. It didn’t make me feel any better because I found the whole film uninspiring, confusing and not as fun as I would expect anything about Peter Pan to be. This short and snappy review at Film Jabber says it as it is.

Suffragette is the first film on this list that I haven’t seen yet and I’m so mad at myself because I was so looking forward to it. I couldn’t resist a sneaky peak at some of the reviews that flooded my feed a few days after its release. This review was written by Karen, a woman, and has the emotional undertone that I think I would written with. I’m not sexist (in a sec I’ll share another review to prove it) but I think that all women will (and should) feel strongly about the suffragette movement and what it meant for us. Roger Roberts review (say that when you are drunk) has much more detail and with the inclusion of historical facts is really well written. I wonder where I will sit when I finally get round to watching it.

Another film I didn’t see is Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur. I read several article headlines that pop up through facebook before I sat down to read a review. I couldn’t believe that Pixar had made as bigger flop as people were making out, and I couldn’t understand why. This review helped to answer my question and suppress my curiosity. It left some Pixar magic hope with me though, so I will be The good Dinosaur my attention at some point.

I’m going to end with a film that gave me so many emotional responses that I actually hit my friend in the cinema. For me The Danish Girl deserves all the praise it has been getting. I found it to be a beautiful piece of cinema and although I initially had some problems with casting I though Eddie Redmayne was great. I am always willing to listen to someone else though so I am including Silver Screen Riot’s take on it all because I very much enjoyed reading it. It’s very well considered and I like that, the world runs on differed opinions after all.

I’m sure that I will end up watching and re-watching all the films I have mentioned today so maybe some will end up as DVD reviews here very soon. In the meantime I am pleased to say that I am back and writing as quickly as I can to get my little piece of web space up to date and ticking along again.

What have you been watching over the last few months?



3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonders – The Films I Should Of Blogged About Edition

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it and I am glad it was helpful in some way.

    I have been going through the Oscar-nominated movies recently. I liked pretty much all of them to some degree, but Mad Max was the one I enjoyed the most for sure.


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