An Update Of Sorts

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June 12, 2016 by Liza Lou


Hi guys.

Those of you who know me or have been following a for a while will be aware of my battle with mental illness.Unfortunately the latest bout has put me out of action for the longest time yet, some much so I nearly made the decision to take down my blog completely.

Don’t worry though, I came to the conclusion that I love it too much and the positive energy it gives me far outweighs the negative. With that in mind then I spent the last part of my recovery cramming in as many films as I could whilst also catching up with all the gossip both on and off the internet. This means I have a lot pf content to come and I will be rolling it all out starting very very soon.

NB: I know that I take LONG breaks away from the blog sometimes but I truly cannot help it. I am grateful to all of you who stand by me enough to keep reading.

Also after genuinely feeling like I wasn’t good enough to keep, manage and update one blog I have flipped completely and am about to start a second blog to run alongside this one. This Girl On Film will keep it’s focus on films and all things cinematic and I aim/hope to keep up with posts AT LEAST three times a week. The second blog is more for me to delve into the world of lifestyle blogging and will hold lots of things about my mental illness as well as the things I do to try and keep it under control. In short, there will be fashion, advice, travel, food and days out etc – I am very much looking forward to it and will aim to post there AT LEAST twice a week. LINK BELOW


And that my dears although I am having a wordpress technical issue right now that I am failing to solve and although it isn’t a disaster, it does hinder my posting a little. If any of you wonderfuls have better knowledge of blogging and this interface than me please, please comment or send me an email (deets in the contact section), I would really appreciate the help



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