3 Of A Kind? -Terrifying Technology

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June 24, 2016 by Liza Lou

The connection between these three films seemed a little tedious even to me but I have seen a fair amount of films recently that follow this subject matter. What I am talking about is a society overrun with ‘quick fix’ technology and in particular social media platforms. As a blogger these kinda things are used on a daily basis by me and make my life both quicker and simpler. What I rarely think about however is the more sinister side of laying myself bare to the millions of strangers that have access to parts of myself.

I have done a 3 of a kind, in the past, about internet predators but I wanted this one to focus on the technology side as apposed to a human luring in another through the use of internet. What I mean is the faceless dangers that lurk among the web and through our phones, the main one being hacking of course – this though is not exclusive…

App (2013)

app image.jpg

Written by Robert A. Jansen. Directed by Bobby Boermans

What Is It About? – An English language dutch film that about a young student who downloads an App on her mobile phone. Although fun and innocent at first it then seemingly starts to destroy her reputation, friendships and quality of life.

Who Is In It? – The main star of the film is Hannah Hoekstra who plays Anna (the student in question). Her biggest accolade to date is a Gouden Kalf  for her role in Hemel (2012).

Best Bits? – The build up is genuinely creepy and honestly, quite atmospheric. There are some questions that do not get answered straight away which keep the suspense going too.

Bad Bits? – For me, the ending just wasn’t satisfying enough. It felt very rushed and I would even go so far as to say it was a bit of a cop-out. It’s a shame really because the idea is an interesting one and the climb towards the film’s conclusion is slow and frightful.

Is Technology Terrifying?- As mentioned above, it definitely starts off that way. As we start to gain more knowledge about the App and where it came from it weakens quite a bit.

Ask Me Anything (2014)


Written and Directed by Allison Burnett

What Is It About? – A strange story told through a blog. Katie posts anonymously during a gap year before starting college. The blog posts become deeper and darker as time goes on.

Who Is In It? – Katie is played by Britt Robertson who was huge in ‘Tomorrowland’. It also stars the glorious Andy Buckley and (who you believe it) Christian Slater.

Best Bits? – It’s quite a cool concept really and, as a blogger myself, one I can relate to. Everything is not as it seems with the story but as a fair piece of drama, there is enough flow to take the viewer to the ending. It was also good to see Slater on-screen again as I can’t remember the last time I saw his face.*

Bad Bits? – No real massive cons because as I said I did enjoy ‘Ask Me Anything’ as a whole. If I had to nit pick, the ending does come a bit abruptly and requires a few seconds to get your head around. This is not a reason not to watch though.

Is Technology Terrifying? – Well actually for some characters in this film, yes it is. It is worth remembering that remaining faceless in cyberspace is far, far too easy.

The Den (2013)


Written and Directed by Zachary Donohue

What Is It About? – Whilst studying social media habits Elizabeth decides to chat to as many people as possible. She dies this via ‘The Den’, a chat roulette type site, and one night witnesses what looks like a murder. The film is all found footage and mostly takes place through the screen.

Who Is In It? Melanie Papalia who incidentally was also in ‘Smiley’, which also involves murders and social media.

Best Bits? – Ok this is not the best horror film you will ever see but it is genuinely creepy. It starts pretty strong and builds up suspense enough for it to feel like you haven’t wasted the time.

Bad Bits? – It’s another found footage film but it has to be as it wouldn’t work in any other format. Also there are no real scares here, not even a cliché jump one.

Is Technology Terrifying? – I feel like I may have cheated a little here because this should technically be in the predators list. That said though, I included it here because of how spooky it is.

And there we have it, three films under one roof. I will be back tomorrow with more film goodness and back soon with another one of these x

* If anyone can throw any other films with him in my way that I really should see, that would be great.


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