Who Is This Girl?



My name is Liza-Lou and I have a mental illness.

It isn’t something that I am ashamed of, it’s just part of me.

As are films.

I started watching films excessively when I first became ill. It was a way for me to escape from what was going on inside my head and to distract me from the way I was feeling. I found that even though in reality I felt flat through the magic of a screen I began to feel all manner of emotions if only for a few hours.

Then I had a brain wave.

Since I had studied English at University and back then loved to write I thought why not combine the two things. The one thing that was keeping me going right now in the present and the one thing that connected me to a happy past.

And then my blog was born.

There has been some bumps along the way. I am still ill and still have periods of time when I can’t write but I always come back here. This is my therapy.

So that’s my story.

Hello x


2 thoughts on “Who Is This Girl?

  1. “Periods of time when you can’t write”………hell, I’ve put one post up in two years!
    Seriously though, take your time, save it up and write when you can. there is no rush! What you do is great and if it’s good therapy for you, by all means keep at it! You will never be the best. Who is? You will and can only get better at doing what you love…….!
    Power to you,

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